20 thoughts so far on Season 9 of Rupaul's Drag Race

I totally forgot about some of these Gaga looks.living gay brisbane, cartoon, drag race
Cynthia Lee Fontaine… Fuck. I would like to never hear ‘Cu-Cu’ again. That’s already getting old.
Gaga’s critiques were probably the most helpful that a judge has ever given.
Why was Lisa Kudrow there for like 2 minutes?
I’m liking Eureka more in episode two. She’s less shady.
Hmm. I didn’t know Ru was in the music video for Love Shack.
Did her knee really pop? Fuuuuck.
I really love Kimora’s Eye of Horus tattoo. Her outfits, not so much.
I thought Jaymes was going to give me flashbacks to Trixie Matel… so far no.
Valentina in drag looks a little bit like Tatiana & that’s a good thing.
Only one reference to #SquadGoals I feel like there could have been more.
I need to watch ‘Bring it on’ again, relearn that opening number.
Farrah Moan hitting the set in her aside interview made me snort with laughter.
Please stop talking Cynthia (it bares repeating).
Ooh Nina asking for feedback from the other queens. Thats a choice, but good on her.
I really want to see more of Aja and not just because she’s hot out of drag.
Shit it’s too early in the season for me to recognise them all in different outfits. This untucked is hard.
Oh Alexis is the sassy one.
Wait is Charlie really 52? Good for her. The Snow Princess outfit look is great.
The elimination… eh not a shock. Shame though.

3 thoughts on “20 thoughts so far on Season 9 of Rupaul's Drag Race

    1. and I am always so fascinated (and ocaaoisnclly surprised!) by what I learn about my couples. Katie + Danny were no exception. Walking into their wedding, I already knew that they were wonderful people (top

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