A response – An open letter to the gay millennial

Gay Millennial

Recently I have renamed the blog Millennial Gay. Because fairly obviously, I’m gay and I’m a millennial. I have ideas of writing from that very perspective on a variety of topics. While doing a google search to see if my blog shows up yet (vain I know), I found an open letter to the gay millennial. It’s a little old, but I think it still warrants a response.

To Whom It May Concern,

Gay MillennialWe are in a different age than our gay elders. We are lucky to grow up in society where being gay isn’t a crime and we no longer have to hide in the shadows. Recently we’ve seen some pretty big leaps forward in acceptance of the LGBTIQ+ community, with the removal of the ‘gay panic’ defence, the expunging of gay sex crimes from people’s criminal records and most recently the legalisation of same sex marriage.

So you are right, we do have a newfound freedom and wider view on life than times past. However don’t think for a second we don’t appreciate where we’ve come from. If the postal survey taught us anything, it’s that we if you just scratch the surface of this ‘acceptance’ there’s still hate there. There are still people who will pay to have ‘Vote No’ written in the sky or worse.

The most concerning part of this article is the overwhelming slut-shaming vibe it has to it.

A demon was born within gay culture, and must now be exorcized by those of us who seek to love and be loved.”

I don’t think there is anything wrong with being promiscuous. I don’t think it diminishes someone’s capacity for love or their worthiness to be loved. The body count doesn’t matter, to me all that matters is that you are tested and honest.

You say this letter isn’t to shame anyone for their sexual activity, but in the previous paragraph you likened promiscuity with wantonness, licentiousness, and immorality. So you are intact using shame to elicit a response. I don’t feel shame for my sexual activity; in the times where I’ve had frequent sexual partners and during my dry spells.

What is the Gay Millennial

gay datingThe Gay Millennial nowadays is someone who grew up in times of changing acceptance. We still dealt with the anxiety of being in the closet and the shame of being different. But like all millennials, we are a bit entitled. We are entitled to ask for what we want and are willing to fight for it. We may sleep with 10, 50, 100 people in our single years, but promiscuity isn’t a Gay Millennial characteristic, it’s a Millennial one. So in this way, we are no different than our straight friends.

The point of this post is not elicit a response from the original poster, because I have no way of knowing if they still hold these views. It is to prompt thought and discussion around sex & love and whether we can have it all these days?

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1 thought on “A response – An open letter to the gay millennial

  1. Good post, my friend. I think every generation has to somehow “justify” itself to others. It appears to be some sort of “rite of passage.” It builds cohesiveness within the generation as well as a collective consciousness and identity. Good job! Naked hugs!

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