ABS update – Same Sex Marriage Survey

I received this email a couple of minutes ago from the marriage equality campaign and honestly I’m so happy. We still have a long way to go before we actually see Same Sex Marriage (SSM) written into law in Australia, but this is above our expectations.
We won’t know the official result until November 15th, so mark your calendar. It will be a very emotional time for a lot of people and there are places you can go for support. But the initial polling that was done early in the campaign shows that the majority of Australia was in support of SSM.

We’ve got some great news: the ABS has released their turnout figures for this week and 77% of Australians have returned their survey! This fantastic result was only possible because of each and every one of you. Every conversation with friends and family, every phone call to voters, and every donation has helped people to post their YES votes.

When this survey was first announced, there were serious concerns Aussies wouldn’t post their surveys back. We had political pundits predicting turnouts lower than 40%. They all underestimated the power and passion of those who believe in equality for all!

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When we wrote our plan for the survey, we set a goal of getting 60% to post back their survey. We thought this would be a good result and go a long way to ensuring a strong YES vote.

The fact that we’re at 77% is phenomenal! And it’s down to every single supporter like you working so hard to have those conversations with friends, family and colleagues to make sure they posted their YES vote!

This is all to say: you’ve done a great job getting the YES vote out. Congratulations!

We’re not there yet. We don’t yet know what the final result will be. But regardless of the outcome, we should stop and take a moment to reflect on what we’ve achieved together — making sure so many Australians posted back their YES votes.

In appreciation,

Shirleene Robinson
The Equality Campaign-=-=-The Equality Campaign · Australia

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