Brisbane Pride Rally in the rain

Equal Love Brisbane is holding a rally today at 1pm in Queens Garden Park in Support of the Yes Campaign.marriage equality

Yes it’s raining.

Yes it’s cold.

Yes it’s Important.

Only 67% of the same sex marriage survey results have been received. Which means that unfortunately it could still go either way. We need to be vocal, we need to be proud and we need everyone who’s voting yes, to return their votes.
We are behind the times and we still have politicians like Tony Abbot spouting hate and using his platform to showcase his homophobia. This is not a free speech issue like the No voters are saying, this is not going to cause radical gender theory to be taught in primary schools. Just look at New Zealand’s response to our survey.

This will allow me to stand up one day in front of friends and family to say ‘I Do’ to the person I love. Whoever they may be. So today I’ll be there, I’ll have my plastic poncho ready in case the rain is heavy. But I’ll be there to show how important this is for me.

Say Yes now, so I can say I Do when it’s time.
Queens Gardens (cnr George and Elizabeth St) Brisbane Citybrisbane pride rally vote yes

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At the top of this post is the outfit I’ll be wearing under my plastic poncho to keep the rain off. It would mean a lot if readers would share this post to raise awareness for the Marriage Equality/Same Sex Marriage survey in Australia right now.
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12 thoughts on “Brisbane Pride Rally in the rain

      1. I’ve been reading about it. I am disturbed by the fact that how a person lives their life is being governed by how a majority of people vote. That is a non votable issue.

        1. I didn’t think it would bother me as much as it has. But it’s brought forward so much hate and bigotry from the ‘No voters’ which they claim is free speech.

          1. Yes I have been reading the vitriole. It’s so dispiriting. And we have Trump here which is bringing homophobia and racism back into the open. Stay strong over there.

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