Yay sports

Yay Sports

Watersports? Not quite, but to me, just as unappealing. Sportsball, the catch all term for those games that celebrate hyper masculinity and the running and the scoring and kicking of the ball. I’ve ended up sitting on the sidelines of […]

Visit Gay Brisbane

living gay brisbane

Over the Christmas break I had an interview with Gay Star News about living in Brisbane. The post didn’t really get much attention, so I thought I would reformat that interview into a story I can share on my blog. I’ve lived […]

12 Months of Blogging

best gay blogs

I hit 12 months of blogging on the 26th of January. As something that started as an idea a friend and I talked about in the abstract, as a precursor to writing a book (I still have no idea what […]

Get to know me.

I thought it was time to let my followers know a little bit more about me. I’m still going to keep this blog anonymous so that I can continue to post the things that I do without fear of a […]

Things to leave in 2017

Calling People FuckBoys Fuckboy has been so overused this year that I think it’s lost its power. I think it should be reserved for only the biggest douchebags. Acting like FuckBoys Guys we have equality now. Can I get a […]

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