Date Night & Love, Simon movie review

Date Night - Love Simon

The last week has been a very, very long one. To celebrate it being over the boyfriend called yesterday afternoon, telling me to get dressed, he was taking me out for a date night. The boyfriend has had the on-call phone for his work, which means that we’ve been woken up every night so far. I mean there was an easy way out for me, I could have just told him to sleep at his house, but I wanted the cuddles.

Date Night

He picked the food, sushi because he loves sushi. I got to pick the movie, Love, Simon because I’ve been wanting to see it for weeks and I thought the boyfriend needed some exposure to gay storylines.

So boyfriend picked me up at 6, I leaned in for a quick kiss, but he wasn’t having that. He had put the car in park and was going for a full on make out kiss. Ok we can work with this. I’d booked the movie tickets so he paid for the sushi, which was good because no one can put away more plates than him. He easily ate double the amount of raw fish than I did. To be fair, I was saving myself for popcorn.

Love, Simon

Love, Simon had the feel of Perks of Being a Wallflower, without the tragic parts. What I loved early on was how well it displayed the micro-aggressions & self editing that so often plague young gay teens. The little comments from his dad, or people at school that reinforce his belief that he needs to hide himself.

The boyfriend left the movie hating the character Martin and wishing that it hadn’t been included. I disagreed because it told an important story to the viewers. Everyone who left that movie showing got the same message, that Martin’s actions were horrible and hopefully it teaches some awareness for their actions.

Love, Simon is an excellent date night movie. It’s not too heavy, but it has the right mix of drama and comedy. Spoiler Alert, it doesn’t end in the gay guy dying like so many other gay movies. I’ve been forbidden from telling anyone that the boyfriend cried, but he totally fucking cried.

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