Deleting Grindr – Gay Dating

grindr appA couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my Staycation where I met a guy and spent all weekend in a happy, gay bubble. Well that has progressed rather quickly.
We both knew there was something different about this, this wasn’t just a random Grindr hookup. Who knew that you could find someone that you clicked with this much on a random Saturday morning Grindr scroll in Brisbane?
But we did, we really clicked and he’s spent more nights here than he hasn’t since then. He’s been working late shifts this week so he’s been coming over after his shift, we watch some tv and then he spends the night.
It’s moving very fast, but surprisingly I don’t feel freaked out by the speed it’s moving. I guess that 5 hours of talking we did the first day really set the tone for our relationship
I’ve been kind of distant from the blog in the last few weeks, because

1) I’ve been enjoying his company and 2) It didn’t feel right to post my usual smutty content about him. So I didn’t quite know what to write, it felt wrong to post about past encounters when my head is filled with him.
gay datingWe had the discussion about exclusivity the other day. It was pretty obvious that we both had no intention of seeing other people. We weren’t at the stage of calling each other ‘boyfriends’ yet, but we knew thats where this was going.
The next morning as we were sitting on the couch, I realised I had 3 different dating apps  on my phone that I had no need for. We’ll all try not to read into the fact that I had 3 to delete and he only had Grindr.
So the apps are deleted and I can now say that there are some good guys to be found on Grindr.

6 Alternatives – What to use when Grindr’s not for you

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11 thoughts on “Deleting Grindr – Gay Dating

  1. I presume there is a lot to do in Brisbane and I hope this relationship continues to inspire you to share more about who you are and what you are doing. Grindr Hookup posts are entertaining to read, but I’m sure you have more to offer. I’m looking forward to hearing about life in Brisbane.

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