Does This Drink Taste Like Piss?


Ok so a dating story from last year. You all seem to enjoy my bad date stories. We’ll call this one Liam… Actually I can’t remember if this one was a Grindr or a Tinder date.
We went to see a movie and then have a drink afterwards. Liam chose the movie and described it as an indie documentary getting rave reviews. The movie was called Tickled and if you haven’t heard about it. BUCKLE UP.
Tickled is about a a site that pays young men to be tied up or held down and tickled while being filmed. Ok a movie about a software fetish, not so bad. But as the movie goes on it gets weirder and weirder in a down the rabbit hole kind of way. Becoming a mission to reveal who really runs this site. Seriously everyone should see it just once for the WHAT THE FUCK factor.

The Drink

The movie finished and we went to get a drink at the bar up the road. We’re chatting and trying to direct exactly what we just watched. It’s a Wednesday so I’m not planning on staying out for more than 2 drinks. Liam goes to the bar for another drink, he’s standing there for about a minute waiting to be served, but instead sees a half finished drink that’s been abandoned at the bar.

He returns to the table with his prize and proudly exclaims ‘Free Drink!’. Takes a sip and says ‘I don’t even know if there’s alcohol in this. Oh yep there’s the after taste.’ I’m sure you can imagine the face I pulled at this stunt.

First of all, you don’t know what the hell could have been in that drink. Don’t they teach us all in school about the dangers of drink spiking? Second, ew stranger germs.
Beer DrinkingApparently this was Liam’s standard move on nights out to keep his costs low. He would regularly take abandoned drinks and play germ roulette. It only ended badly once for him. He decided to take a swig of a half empty pint glass of beer that was left on the sink in the toilet. Yep. Wasn’t beer. Liam drank a big old gulp of stranger’s piss. Actually side note – Kink Test Anyone?
‘Y-Y-You drank stranger’s piss and that doesn’t seem like a natural stopping point for drinking strangers drinks anymore?’
Oh Liam. You are 100% on the No Kiss List and I’m going home to google the number of germs in people’s mouthes.

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15 thoughts on “Does This Drink Taste Like Piss?

  1. OMG!! Hilarious 🙂 🙂 🙂 And I’ll certainly have to check out Tickled! I love everything that involves the WTF factor!

  2. Oh. My. God. I swear I thought I was the only person who ended up on dates this bad. You’ve proven me wrong!

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