Grindr Date Fail

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So I went on a date last week with a guy I met on Grindr.
If that doesn’t give you some insight into how it probably went, then you haven’t spent much time on Grindr. Side note, what does everyone think about Hornet VS Grindr? Is it worth changing?

4 things not to talk about on a first date

  • Exes
  • Weird skin conditions
  • Religion
  • Politics

But good qualities first – He was cute, worked in marketing, was more interested in dating than sex, had been able to text back and forth for a few days.
15 minutes in I choked on my drink because he casually mentioned that he has this recurring flare up of a fungal infection on his chest… Is that witty date banter in anyone’s book? The first of many signs that this wasn’t going to pan out to roll out of his mouth with careless abandon.
Next was ‘None of my exes talk to me anymore.’
Neither do mine honey, but I don’t tell people on the first date. Rookie.
Grindr Date
Honestly these weren’t that bad on the scale of bad dates, I would have been prepared to let these slide, IF he hadn’t brought up his stance on gay marriage.
He’s a religious, LNP (Liberal National Party) voter who doesn’t think that gay marriage should be made legal, as marriage is between a man and a woman. UHUH.
He also doesn’t think that gay couples should be allowed to raise children, because that’s just not right either.

Oh, sweetie, honey, darling. You don’t realise you hate yourself.

The date ended when I lied that my parking would be nearly up and he said ‘see you soon mate’.
‘Yea aight bro’.
Sorry you won’t be getting a steamy sex update for this guy, it’s been a week and neither of us have bothered to text the other. He was younger than me, so maybe once he’s grown up a bit and gotten rid of some of that internalised homophobia, he’ll be alright.

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14 thoughts on “Grindr Date Fail

  1. It failed, because your date wasn’t me!
    But, on a serious note, he doesn’t sound like “the one” so you are better off with him kicking the curb!

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