I took my housemate to the adult tent at pride

So a couple of weekends ago Brisbane held it’s pride festival on a Saturday. This was my second pride festival here and it was much bigger than last years, probably due to the current political climate.
So my housemate and I walking around the fair, eating rainbow snow cones and getting free rainbow accessories, you know the standard. We come across this big tent with a security guard at the entrance checking ID’s and letting people in.

The Adult Tent

sub, s/m, brisbane, prideWhat could go wrong? How bad could it be? So of course we went in. Because what else do you do when you’re a few beers in at 2 pm? Am I alone in never having heard of Smoke Play? Close your eyes and picture two average bodied middle aged men in leather jock straps on a stage in a hot sweaty tent. The dom lights a cigar and starts waving the smoke all over the subs body, occasionally taking a puff and blowing it in his face.
I look across at my housemate and her face goes from passive to horrified in about 2 seconds. I look back to the stage and the subs erect penis is out and the dom is tapping the lit end of the cigar onto it. Apparently a lot can happen when you glance away.
A quick look around the tent tells me that there is no way to make a quick and easy escape. Which initially was just to spare my housemate from whatever came next. But from graphic penis display straight to asking the cigar in the subs mouth had me realising how vanilla I really am.
cigar, smoke, fetish
I found myself saying ‘please don’t cum’ over and over under my breath. He didn’t, I guess thats where they drew the line on stage and we were able to make a quick exit before they set up for the FemDom display.
But don’t worry, I was not put off from my original goal of kicking on until 2am and pounding vodka redbulls.

Pride Rally in the Rain

7 thoughts on “I took my housemate to the adult tent at pride

    1. I’ve legitimately considered letting a guy with a foot fetish come over and massage my feet. not because it would get me off, but because I would have enjoyed the foot massage.

      1. Considered? You should have. I let this guy with a foot fetish have his way with my feet. He had his tongue in-between each toe and shoved as much of his foot in his mouth as he could, gagging on it. It was definitely an interesting experience.

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