Just curious

I want to start using this blog more and don’t want to keep waiting for long rants to strike me.
I’m thinking about starting to share some style tips or outfits that I put together. Nothing designer, but how to look good on a budget. 
Let me know in the comments below if that would be something people would be interested in please.

15 thoughts on “Just curious

  1. I think your blog should be what you want it to be. Write what you want to write. You can categorise the post differently and have fashion as a separate page, but the key thing is to be writing what you enjoy writing about. If you’re enjoying it the post will read better.

  2. As a fellow Brisbane gay man, I am definitely keen to read more from you. I really enjoyed reading about your weekend waxing experience

      1. I definitely prefer to be smooth also. I was waxed once years ago and I will NEVER do it again. I’m a confirmed shaver

          1. Thats where you need someone like me to help you shave where you can’t reach. You shave mine and I’ll shave yours!

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