Keep being gay, keep doing gay stuff

keep being gay

This is a rewrite & rewrite of one of my very early posts. Keep Being Gay, Keep Doing Gay Stuff.

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of comments like ‘gay isn’t even a minority anymore’ or ‘being gay is so normalised now it’s not even a thing anymore’. This infuriates me every time I hear it because it’s out of the mouthes of straight white people that think because they know some gays that they know our lives, know what we go through everyday or how we grew up.
Guess what straight white allies, you don’t know. You can’t know some of the things that we deal with. That’s your privilege and that’s ok, but when you say things to downplay our need to keep fighting and keep being vocal that’s when you let your privilege blind you. That’s where the concern lies.
I read a post recently about the growing gap between a persons straight and gay friends which included some information from a psychiatrist about the emotional damage LGBTQI adolescents go through even if nothing traumatic happened to them; it talks about micro-stressors which plague their day to day lives as they are coming to terms with their sexuality or staying in the closet. A link to that post can be found here.

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Why do we still need to be out, loud and proud?

Because last year we had to withstand a barrage of insults and misdirections from the No side of the marriage equality debate.
Because nearly half of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual Australians hide their sexual identity at work. Read it here
Because gay bashings still happen.
Because faggot is still an insult.
Because Cory Bernardi, Tony Abbott & Lyle Shelton are still a thing.

Because groups like this still exist; your guide to groups that think marriage equality would bring on the apocalypse.
70% of HIV infections in Australia during the last study where gay men.
Its because of things like this and so much more that being gay is still not considered normal and it is ‘still a thing’. The reason this bothers me is the fear we will become complacent and stop being vocal because we think this is as good as its going to get.

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This post was inspired by a series of tweets that I found while scrolling the other day.

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