My first time… Getting waxed

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So I ticked another first off this weekend. I got my first brazilian and ass wax.

I’ve been thinking about getting it done for a while, but was always nervous about the pain and not sure where to go for a good job. I’m not very regimented with my manscaping, because I’m in a bit of a dry spell since my last break up. Last weekend when I was hanging out with this gay couple that I’m friends with and they were going on about how they both go to a certain waxer who runs a home clinic in tenerife. Side note this was a kick on that ended in the very early hours of the morning and contributed to me deciding to try a sober october. The home clinic is run by a gay guy so that helped with some of the awkwardness for me, he actually almost exclusively has male clients.
So because I was sick of shaving and wanted to try something new, I booked an appointment.
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The guy was lovely and friendly, but professional. He went to it with practised ease. I however was unprepared for exactly how bad the pain would be. About 5 minutes in we both had a laugh about me being covered in sweat. My fears of getting an erection were needless, there was no chance of that happening through the pain.
The parts that I was most dreading (the base of the shaft and the scrotum) turned out to be the least painful part of the process. It was the parts above and below my junk that made me flinch and gasp. “Ok time to turn over.” I don’t know if I can quite explain the feeling of hot liquid wax being smeared around your asshole, but it was interesting to say the least.

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So now I’m standing in front of the mirror admiring my very smooth, but very red groin. I’m applying some kind of spray that’s supposed to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs, so here’s hoping.  Once the redness goes down, maybe I’ll show it off to someone. Given my dating life at the moment though, I doubt it.

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15 thoughts on “My first time… Getting waxed

  1. Wow, I’ve never done that before but I did get my eyebrows threaded once and boy, did that hurt! But my eyebrows looked really good for about a week!

  2. There’s nothing like freshly waxed junk; from either side. And if you’re both done…heaven.
    It gets easier -less painful- each time.

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