Same Sex Marriage Will Be Legal In Australia

This afternoon I am very happy to be posting that Same Sex Marriage has been passed by the Australian Government. Same Sex Marriage will be legal in Australia.
I’ve said it before, but this has been a very long few months for LGBTIQ+ Australians. The Postal Survey was announced in August, with voting from 12th September to the 7th of November. We’ve endured lots of ‘campaigning‘ bigotry from the opposition or the ‘No Voters’ during this time.
Australian’s voted and came out in support of Marriage Equality.

Last week the Senate voted and approved the proposed amendment to the Marriage Act.
The House of Representatives has sat through almost 100 members of parliament who wanted their voice and opinion heard, before the vote could take place. Some for the amendment and some *Cough* Tony Abbot and CO *Cough* against. Due to the number of MP’s wanting to be heard, Parliament extended their hours, late into Tuesday night and limited speaches to 15 minutes.
But tonight isn’t about the process. It’s Done. We’ve Won. It’s Passed.
So I wanted to have a look back on some of the positives from the last few months.

Our new Queen Magda Szubanski.

We have unofficially but officially accepted that Magda Szubanski is our Queen now. She has been a shining light of hope & support though this campaign. She has used her voice to fight for equality and shown us what true class is.

Bob Katter – The New Crocodile Dundee

Technically Bob Katter has been against SSM but you have to appreciate his quick transition here. I’ve still got whiplash.

42 Below and their Yes Vote Ads

I can honestly & happily say that I got no work done this afternoon as I sat there refreshing the live updates here.
The Law just needs to be ratified by the Governor General And once that’s done The law will then come into effect on a date set by the government or within 28 days.
To all LGBTIQ+ Australians. Something we have always struggled with and fought for. But now it is an indisputable fact, that we are equal.
Congratulations Australia. I’m actually crying in a car park right now. From someone who grew up as the gay kid in a small town, who struggled with my sexuality a lot. Thank you.

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