Someone I hooked up with has a blog. Uh oh.

gay hook up

The Hook Up

It all started after a trivia night in 2016 for the Brisbane Hustlers (Brisbane’s all inclusive* football team). Where do you go when you’ve spent 3 hours failing at trivia and drinking anything in sight? The Wickham of course, because it’s the closest gay bar. You shout your friend a drink and assure him he was robbed in the dance off to single ladies. His slut drop was way better than the twinks’.
This guy seemed to be making eyes at me from across the beer garden, which doesn’t happen a lot. So 1. I didn’t know what to do and 2. I was intrigued. A few more drinks and we were holding hands and exchanging the occasional tongue. I met his lesbian sister and she told me not to hurt him and I was just his ‘club boyfriend’. He assured me I wasn’t (I was).
The night wore on, we changed venues (the beat) and the certainty that this was happening was cemented when he asked me the most romantic thing anyone can ask at 3 am ‘Lets get a bratwurst and head home’. *Swoon* His sister and her girlfriend wished us goodnight outside the strip of food places just up the beat while we finished our sausages and held hands on a bench (every gay’s dream right?).

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This would be the first time I let a guy rub my crotch in a taxi on the way back to mine. Anything goes at 3am right? Luckily we made it home before the zippers got undone or any clothes came off. I’m not sure but doing that in a taxi is probably illegal.
gay blow job, gay hook upTurns out neither of us was confident enough about our preparation, so neither of us would be bottoming that night. Blow jobs and handies or all! I don’t actually remember too much about the actual business, We came, we cuddled, we passed the fuck out. I do remember his hairy chest, though thats mainly because we didn’t do any clean up before we went to sleep and there was dried cum all through it the next morning.

The Point

So see, I used to be able to pull. Anyway the point I was getting to is that I’ve just stumbled across his blog. His blog account liked one of my blog account’s twitter posts and I recognised the picture. We still send each other snapchats from time to time. We never met up again, but he did send me a snapchat of him fingering his ass once, so that’s just as good right?
There was this narcisistic part of me that thought ‘Oh I wonder if I’m mentioned?’ So I had to do a quick scroll though. He’s moved away and it looks like he’s starting to see someone he nicknames ‘snapback’. I think we should have a rule about dating people with snapbacks. There is a post titled The One Night Stand. PERFECT this is around the right time, for sure about me.

Nope. Not. Even. Mentioned.

I mean what was I to this guy, just a one night stand that isn’t even worth blogging about?
A) Rude
B) Rude
I’m not going to link to his post because I don’t want to give him a shout out, but from one blogger to another blogger. I’m totally worth a mention.

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*All inclusive means hella gay.
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17 thoughts on “Someone I hooked up with has a blog. Uh oh.

  1. What a funny, welI-written post. Now you have me wondering whether people I hooked up with who know I blog run through my posts to find themselves. I’m sorry you didn’t get a mention in his but don’t obsess over it. He may have been too drunk to really remember. As long as you enjoyed the experience just chalk it off! Someone better than him is coming.

  2. When the Internet Bloggers Censorship Board (IBCB) comes knocking at your door in the middle of the night, take that as a sign that someone DID find you worthy of a blog-post on their site. Enjoy the notoriety! I’m totally being facetious here, friend. Naked hugs!

  3. Let’s hook up and then I’ll write one about you. HEHE
    But yeah, I don’t write about all my hookups, even when they are good and worth mentioning so don’t take that personally. Maybe he is the same way.

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