Guys we F*cked podcast to book

My favourite podcasters wrote a book! I’ve just purchased my copy (pictured slightly further down). Guys we fucked is the anti slut shaming podcast, covering all kinds of topics related to sex, with a comedic approach. These two comedians from […]

I missed the pick up

Leaving Already? Yea heading home, are you going out after this? Yea I think we’re heading to the Wickham after this finishes. Oh well you could always come with me now? But aren’t you going home? oh… yea but I […]

Tr@ks dating app – a Brisbane start up

Hey Brisbane, do you want to be in on the start of something new? Are you looking for an alternative to Grindr? A Brisbane based team has recently launched a new app for LGBTIQ dating called Traks dating (Tr@ks). Its […]

5 dating rules for gay men

Gay Dating Rules

This one I learnt after a few too many tinder dates where I’d overcommitted my time and couldn’t think of polite ways too bail. The one time my housemate actually locked herself out of the house I was called out for being obviously disinterested. Sorry man, just a happy accident.

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