The art your friends really want for Christmas

A friend of mine has a rule ‘If you’re friend is having an art showing, you’re obliged to show up and depending on how close you are, you might have to buy something.’ Which is why he’s text me wine drunk at his friend’s showing and that we showed up with two bottles of champagne to another.
I’m not arty in the slightest, but I do have an appreciation for the male form 😉
Recently I stumbled upon a local Brisbane artist and their easy store that makes me appreciate art.

Born to Be Bent

Hot guys. its hot guys that made me appreciate art if you were wondering. Lee sells both original drawings and greeting card versions of his artwork. I’m half tempted to order greeting cards for all of my 2018 occasions.

Gay Artwork
Born to Be Bent Etsy Store

Baby Shower – Have a greeting card of two men kissing.
Promotion – Oral sex greeting card.
Get well soon – Shirtless hunk in a towel greeting card.
Same Sex Wedding – Well that one’s obvious isn’t it.
The possibilities are endless.
Let me know which of these I should buy. Though I think it’ll have to go in my bedroom so that casual visitors don’t see a dick drawing by accident. If you’re interested in checking out Born to Be Bent heres a link to the etsy store.

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This is a bit different from my usual content, but I am trying to branch out from posting hook up stories otherwise I’m going to run out of content very quickly. If I want to be a gay lifestyle blog in 2018 I’m going to have to expand my brand somehow.
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      1. It’s a cock shot.
        I actually wrote the post, but my app glitched and the entire entry disappeared. WordPress is trying to recover it now.

    So what does everyone think that the big disaster was that the heptapods were trying to prevent and needed human assistance with?
    My theory is that it probably was some kind of civil war which I really don’t think we should have committed ourselves to before we heard both sides of the story.

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