The Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey Result Comes Out Today

Update: We Fucking Won
In just under 2 hours we will know the results from the Same Sex Marriage voluntary postal survey ridiculously expensive exercise in homophobia. This has been a very long and hurtful few months for many LGBTIQ+ Aussies. I wish I could say that once the result is announced tomorrow, that this will be over once and for all. Unfortunately not, this survey is non-binding (meaning that the politicians are under no obligation to actually follow through and honour the results).
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If the result is Yes, we enter into the next phase which will have every conservative attempting to block SSM being made legal or take on so many amendments to the proposed bill that it will be delayed indefinitely or no longer look like any semblance of the original proposal. If the vote is No, then we have an even longer and harder road ahead of us. One that I don’t even really want to think about.

What will I be doing when the result is announced at 10am? I’ll have my head buried in excel spread-sheets. Friend’s of mine however are planning to make a day of it. beginning with a champagne breakfast that continues on to either celebratory drinks or commiseration drunkenness. Honestly, I’d rather be doing that, but unfortunately work commitments take precedence over my potential equality.

I wrote previously on my feelings about having to ask an entire nation what their opinion was on my relationship. I’ve found this entire exercise humiliating and honestly dehumanising as people have felt entitled to share whatever opinion they may have on something that honestly doesn’t concern them. The question on the survey was

Do you think the law should be changed to allow same sex couples to marry?

However the No campaign has attempted to steer the public into an entirely separate debate in an attempt to confuse the issue and steer the general public through scaremongering. This vote is about marriage and nothing else. Not about religious freedom, not about gender roles in schools, not about sex education to children, not about the rights of heterosexual couples. 10 things that marriage equality won’t do.

There has been lots of speculation and predictions from both sides about how the survey will turn out. Including one article that theorised that the No Vote was posted about more on twitter, that it would win. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s some really shaky grounding for a theory. I am hopeful that we will return a Yes result and we can move into actually getting the bill slated and passed into law.

Malcolm Turnbull (Australian Prime Minister for those not familiar) has only yesterday rejected a same-sex marriage bill that was proposed by James Paterson, which sparked outrage from our community. the proposed bill would see extra protections for religious freedoms, but also introduce some new ones for those that just generally objected to same-sex marriage. It seems he was attempting to offer us something we so desperately wanted (equality), but on conservative’s terms. Allowing for discrimination on multiple grounds is tokenism at its finest.

However this postal survey turns out if you’re reading this post, send some love our way. Its been a very hard few months and is likely just the first hurdle. To those that voted yes – Thank you, but just know I didn’t ask for this and never wanted to need your opinion. To those that voted No – Fuck You.

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9 thoughts on “The Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey Result Comes Out Today

  1. This is been difficult even as an ally. I’ve had WTF?! moments not dissimilar to when I discovered a work colleague and close friend supported Trump. Dreading the results actually because either way, the bigots get a platform to spread their hate.

  2. I read your post AFTER reading the survey results. Hopefully the parliamentarians will see the proverbial “handwriting on the wall” and enable equality to be available to all. Congratulations on the survey results! Naked hugs!

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