6 Alternatives – What to use when Grindr’s not for you

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Updated 18/10/2017: I recently came across a new app called Traks (Tr@ks) which I reviewed here Tr@ks dating app – a Brisbane start up. Don’t forget to check it out as well.
I know there’s a lot of guys out there that are fed up with the current state of gay online dating so I thought I would review the top 6 alternatives to grindr in my opinion. This post focuses on apps for gay men and to provide a more targeted list I excluded apps that used the term hookup in their write up as I’m focusing on dating here.
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My Top 6 Alternatives To Grindr

Surge, previously named lavender, surge seems to be gaining popularity in the last year or so. It’s an exclusively gay tinder, it works on the same principal of matching based on photos before you can chat. There are definitely genuine guys on there, but it also has its fair share of spam profiles.

Meet Market is relatively new app on the scene, with version one only being launched in November 2015. This one shakes things up a bit by allowing users to upload videos along with photos to their profile. What better way to get your message across, potential dates can see you relatively unedited and get a bit of a feel for your personality.

Using a similar grid technology to Grindr it shows you the nearest users to you. It has less users than Grindr so chances are you will have a further reach geographically depending on the user density in your area. This could be a Pro or a Con really, I’ll let you decide.

Compatible Partners is an app from eHarmony that is specifically for Gay and Lesbian users. You can set up an eHarmony profile through the app and see daily compatible matches for free, but for most of the browsing and usage you will need to sign up as a paying member, which starts at $24.99 a month.

Mr X – Marketing itself as something different, it claims to be primarily a social network for gay men and is targeted at men over 30. It has functionality built in for liking & commenting on photos plus one on one chat. So far this is the first one I’ve seen that actually accepts remotely like a social network with the ability to ‘follow’ guys plus some pretty decent filter options to find Mr Right.

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VGL, another app that purpotes to be a social networking app, but I just can’t shake the Grindr-esq feel. You can hold public and private photos on your profile and it doesn’t take a detective to figure out what’s behind that locked icon. Though VGL actually has a verified function which aims to eliminate catfishing.
Have you used any of these? let me know what you think of these ones or if there’s a good one that I’ve missed.
Inspiration for this post hit after reading a post by another gay blogger that I follow https://martinpwilson.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/digital-dating-tips-for-your-online-profile/

I should also make it clear that I am not saying you shouldn’t use Grindr, just that from my experience its primary function is not to find a long last relationship.

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21 thoughts on “6 Alternatives – What to use when Grindr’s not for you

  1. Thanks for the connecting link, it’s much appreciated!
    And this is a great list of apps.. only one I’d heard of before is Hornet which I’d just downloaded recently out of curiosity.
    Interesting that you didn’t list the biggies that I know – Scruff and Growlr – but then again those are more specialised towards the bear community.

    1. You’re welcome 🙂
      I didn’t include scruff because in my opinion it’s hook up orientated and growlr seemed restricted to bears so a very select group. I’ve used scruff but not growlr. Any feedback on growlr?

      1. Ummm… honestly it depends on my mood. Lol Sometimes it’s great, especially when travelling abroad.. but then other times it’s useless at home cause it’s always the same people. It’s an app like any others really.

          1. Excellent post. Gives me a whole new insight into dating, or playing around in today world of apps, social media, and to be honest how as a society we have forgotten how to interact with others. Just the way I see it. Ivan.

          2. Oh I agree, unfortunately places to meet gay guys organically is pretty much limited to clubs and chance encounters. Any ideas on alternatives?

          3. So true, my view is that we are now a society who rely strong on our phones and apps for just about anything. It’s breaking up communication skills. I am in my mid-late 30s and I can see that the younger generation are always on their phones. So to meet people, those people have to be likeminded and not that addicted to apps, etc. William and myself met on a dating site 14 years back. So for me the use of apps to me people does have positive outcomes. Maybe we all have labeled the gay “apps” as hookup’s and not moved beyond that label. Sure some apps are let’s be honest just used to get laid. But then look at what is posted on those, half naked pictures, dick pictures so what do we actually expect from that.
            Now I am no expert at all as I have never used any of the apps you mentions or all the other one we know about, so mine is just an observation. However William has an app for most things, the TV remote, shopping lists , weather, find an address, uber, traffic and the list goes on. My point is that we now have a vast amount of apps for daily living, not just dating. Our one on one interaction with others is very much app driven.

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